Why study GCSE Geography?

Are you interested in finding out about new places?  Do you want to follow a course that is varied relevant and useful for many careers?  If so, Geography could be the subject for you.   The GCSE course builds on the topics covered in Key Stage 3.  Both physical and human environments are explored.  You will investigate topics such as tectonics, population, tourism and climate change.  These topics prepare you for three exams worth 75% of your final mark.  You will also look at photographs and maps to develop a wide range of skills.  Where possible, you will relate these topics to the real world and look at examples from a wide range of places.  One project makes up the remaining 25% of the final marks.

Our world is changing and it is increasingly useful to understand the way different cultures live and how environments evolve.  Geography gives you the skills to solve problems, make decisions, analyse information and apply your knowledge to new surroundings.  It is well respected by employers and further education providers.  It is a broad subject, which forms a helpful bridge between your arts and science subjects.

For more information, speak to Miss Hammond or a member of the Geography department.